How it All Began


In 2005 Sheri was living in Uganda volunteering with Soft Power Education. During that time she worked onsite at Nsuube Primary school where the headmaster introduced her to a young woman named Eunice. Eunice was the smallest girl in the senior class and the brightest! She had excelled in her exams but had no access to funds to continue with her schooling. Sheri sent an email home to friends and family who responded generously. Based on that one email finances were raised, not only to send Eunice to school, but to send Sheira and Zeo too!


Once Sheri had established funding for Eunice, She relied heavily on Martin Muyomba and Paul Mulondo who were instrumental in establishing local relationships to ensure the smooth running of the scholarship program on a local level. In January, 2012 Eunice, Sheira and Zeo graduated from high school with excellent results. All three girls moved forward into University in their chosen field.  Since 2012 we have continued to see immense success with many girls graduating from high school and have been able to support a number of them with full or partial funding to pursue post secondary education. 


Were it not for the vigilant and selfless efforts of local business man and teacher Yeseri (Paul) Mulondo it would be impossible to continue with our efforts.


The Board of Directors

In 2010 The Foundation engaged individuals who had long been supporters of our efforts and formed a Board of Directors. In 2010 we also became a registered Alberta Association and in January 2012 we received our registered charity status.  The tireless work of the volunteer Board of Directors has been invaluable. 


The Members of the Board of Directors are:

Sheri Brake – President
Martin Muyomba – Vice President
Stacy Sargent – Treasurer

Donna Fraser – Secretary


Past Board Members:

Tara Holmes

Leslie-Ann Hynes

Heather Good

Cari Gulbrandsen

Eunice - our very first scholarship recipient!

Paul Mulondo - Our incredible Ugandan liaison!