Welcome to the Ugandan Girls Scholarship Foundation Website

The Ugandan Girls Scholarship Foundation was established in 2005 and in 2012 we received Registered Charity Status.


To date 43 girls have been assisted with full scholarships to secondary boarding school. In 2019 we expanded our program to provide some postsecondary scholarships as well! These 43 girls are merely a sampling of the intelligent and talented young women in the Budondo subcounty. Many of those girls will not continue past elementary school because their family can’t afford school fees. Without funding for school the girls will return to their family home and remain dependent on their family for their well being. Often they will marry young, live in abject poverty, have many children and continue the cycle of poverty.


With your support we can change the lives of even more young women. Ultimately, we hope to have broader effect on the community as a whole as these girls will eventually be in a better position to give back to their community.


The foundation began with a partnership with the Budondo subcounty. We began by offering a scholarship to the top female student each from St. Mary's Nsuube school each year. Additionally, when funding permitted we broadened the program, adding additional scholarships to be awarded to the top female students from the entire subcounty.


Each girl accepted into the program is guaranteed a scholarship to help her excel through S1 – S6 (many of us know this as junior high and high school).  We have also provided funding to a number of girls to assist in their pursuit of post secondary education.  We are currently evaluating the possibility of providing post secondary support to all of our scholarship recipients.



Together we are making a difference!